Newborn Must Haves

Hey Everyone and happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well.When I was pregnant with both of my kids, I loved reading about Newborn Must Haves because they're so helpful! I made a list of items that I think you definitely should have before your little one makes their entrance into the world! 1. Bottles … Continue reading Newborn Must Haves


How To Find Time For Yourself With Kids…

Hey everyone! It's Wednesday which makes us halfway through the week. When Wednesday approaches, I feel way better knowing that the weekend is near. Today's topic is "How to find time for yourself". Coming from a mom of two, it can be very challenging, but there are ways! 1. Wake up earlier I try to … Continue reading How To Find Time For Yourself With Kids…

Kid Wonder Box November 2018 Review

Hey guys! Today I'll be doing a review on the Kid Wonder Box for November 2018! This will be the third Kid Wonder Box that we received and my three-year-old absolutely loves it! I don't know if your child gets super excited about packages like mine does. Every time her Kid Wonder Box gets delivered, … Continue reading Kid Wonder Box November 2018 Review

How To: 5 Tips On Getting Rid Of The Pacifier

Hey everyone!! Happy Tuesday! Since it's Tip Tuesday, I wanted to share some of my tips on getting your child off his/her pacifier! Hopefully these help! 1. Don't Go Cold Turkey As frustrating as it can be, don't completely take the pacifier away. Slowly get your child off their pacifier by taking it away during … Continue reading How To: 5 Tips On Getting Rid Of The Pacifier

How To Be A Productive Mommy!

Hey Everyone! It's Wednesday so we're almost done with the week! Today I want to share some ways you can be a productive mommy! I know some days can be so unproductive or you have no energy because your babies weren't sleeping the night before, but hopefully these tips help! 1. Set your alarm half … Continue reading How To Be A Productive Mommy!

October 2018 Kid Wonder Box Review

Hey Everyone! Today I'll be reviewing the October 2018 Kid Wonder Box. This months theme is "Becoming a Vet". Each Kid Wonder Box comes with a themed box which is great for storing all the things created in each activity. It's a win-win for you and your child because your child will have tons of … Continue reading October 2018 Kid Wonder Box Review

Easy Pumpkin Craft For Kids

Hey Everyone! Hope you guys are having a great day. I wanted to share a fun craft with you guys because the turn out was so adorable and it was so easy to do! My 3 year old was able to follow these instructions with no problem! Below is a picture of everything you need! … Continue reading Easy Pumpkin Craft For Kids